Monday, February 19, 2018

How To Sell Fish Successfully On Facebook

Every day, thousands of people join the various millions of Facebook Groups, for various reasons. Perhaps, you too might have joined various Groups on Facebook, with the intent of building your business.
What Next?
Many people are very naive in thinking that all they have to do, to promote their business opportunity, is join some Facebook Groups and then promote their business. Sadly, they are totally mistaken. And this is actually why most people fail when it comes to marketing on Facebook. People just join some groups or create a Fan Page and post their links, a few photos, a few videos – and that is just about it!

After that, they think that magic is going to take place. But the only BIG MAGIC that took place with Facebook, is when Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook. That was his magic, that was the magic that is – Facebook! 
For You To Make Your Magic Happen On Facebook...
You have to perform your tricks. All magicians perform trick to make their magic happen. They do not sit on their ass and not move a muscle and wait for their magic to take place.  

After all, it is magic – not witchcraft. Though, if you think about it, even witches had to get up from their asses to find all kinds of substances to create all kinds of potions that would help them cast spells and do magic. So, do not think just by joining various Groups on Facebook, you will start getting business. That is not going to happen – no matter how good your business might be. So, how do you grow your business on Facebook?
Take The Fish Seller Approach
Perhaps you might have been to a fish market or scene videos or movies of fish markets. Have you ever seen a QUIET fish market? Almost all of those fish sellers will be selling the best of fish – but yet – all of them will be shouting and screaming. And when they see you interested in what they are selling – they will shout and scream more.

That is just how it is in Facebook Groups. Different groups have different kind s of sellers – and these sellers are trying to shout as loud as they can – with their messages by way of words, photos and videos – to get the attention of people who might be interested in what they have to sell.
Selling Fish Within Limitations
There is only one difference between selling in an actual fish market and Facebook. And that difference can be defined in one 4 letter word – SPAM. 

In a fish market, the fish sellers can shout as loud as they can – they can even shout till their voices become hoarse or their throats go sore. Nobody gives a damn!

But On Facebook
Of course you might already know, this cannot be done. You cannot SPAM on Facebook. If you continuously keep posting all kinds of words, photos and videos and your affiliate or website links, Facebook will detect it. And very likely, they will close down your account. 
That means, if you have gone through all the trouble of working on your FB Fan Page or Group or joined many groups and built a rapport – you will lose all that and you will have to start all over again. Not at all easy to do – of this you can be be 100% sure.

How To Sell Fish On Facebook
Just kidding of course, though there can be no doubt that selling on Facebook is akin to selling fish in a fish market. There are so many fish sellers in the fish market, in the same way there are so many sellers on Facebook.

Also, there are so many different kinds of fish being sold in fish markets, in the same way there are so many different kinds of things being offered on Facebook. But just like all the various fish sellers sell in fish markets, you too can sell on Facebook, just be careful to apply the right procedures and follow the rules of Facebook. What are these Facebook rules and procedures to sell successfully on Facebook? That is for another time. 

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