Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird And…

Research studies and statistical data reveal that within the next 10–50 years, the following animals are likely to be extinct: koala bear, giant panda, orangutan, elephant, mountain gorilla, polar bear, rhino, snow leopard, tiger and the chimpanzee. Sadly, there are more too on this list. Do your bit, save our animals from getting extinct.

Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and working from the comforts of your own home, by understanding how to succeed with Google. 

Google Changes…

In the context of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we come across these three terms i.e. Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird quite frequently. But do we know what these terms actually mean? Why do bloggers keep using these terms all over again? 

Basically Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird are Google search algorithms. These algorithms are launched by Google in a chronological order. They are rolled out at different times by this internet giant. These terms are often come across us by bloggers.

What Is An Algorithm?

An algorithm is a set of procedures defined in a step by step manner, to reach a particular goal. The Google algorithm categorizes the content according to its algorithm. Web crawlers crawl the web and create a search index. This process of how web crawlers crawl, is also called web spider crawling and it depends on the algorithm used by Google.

In its most fundamental sense, everyone wants their website to be ranked in Google top search results. That is what Search Engine Optimization is all about. 

Getting On Google Page 1 

There are two approaches towards getting your website indexed in the top results of Google. One is “White Hat SEO”. This technique requires real Search Engine Optimization experts. This requires them to do all stuff using “legal and straight ways”. So this becomes quite a tricky and complex kind of technique.

The other one is “Black Hat SEO”. This involves autopilots, SEO backlinking, link farms, etc. Considering the fact that there is always a reason for Google to put up names to its products, Penguin and Panda are of black and white colors. This signifies white hat and black hat SEO respectively.

Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird And… 

Panda was released by Google in 2011. This was an update to their algorithm named as Panda. This algorithm put a strong check on plagiarism. It detects the duplicate content and puts that website in lower search results. So, this is the reason why content creators have to start working – actually! 

This challenged those websites whose moderators merely kept a “cut copy paste” of content on their website. Bloggers and social media marketers, have used replicated content until Panda came into existence. Although some still act smart by using intelligent keyword stuffing options, though this gave them a good page rank, it did not lead the user to what he/she has been searching for.

Then Came Penguin 

Penguin was released in 2012. It caused even more trouble to those practicing unsolicited ways to get their page ranked on top of Google search index. Penguin targeted those bloggers and website moderators who just add links to their website just to get a higher page rank. These links might not even be relevant to the website or the content. They are there just to provide a higher PR. 

So basically it was havoc for websites using backlinks just to get a higher page rank. This used to help them in internet marketing. These sites were simply packed off by Penguin, meaning that they were listed as black hat SEO. So those websites lost their top ranks that they were enjoying before. This algorithm laid more emphasis on the proper use of anchor tags. It enhanced the importance of well-formed anchor tags embedded within websites. There is an alternative text related to an image in the tag, that specifies the text to be displayed in case the image can’t load for some reasons. Generally social marketers and bloggers tend to ignore importance of this “alt field”. They don’t insert it when they are using backlinking. This tendency leads Penguin to detect when the links are not relevant to the website. 


Hummingbird has been implemented by Google in September 2013. It’s a newly added feature to the Google search algorithm. These algorithms search for well-formed language content on website. Strongly typed language is preferred, that which lacks typing errors in totality.

The Hummingbird algorithm concentrates on semantic searches looking for high quality content in natural language. So to be indexed by this search algorithm, the content on the website should be authorized and valid. It should be recognized by other sources on Google for the subject matter to be unique and trustable. That means, long tailed keywords as specified by Penguin, are now not enough for great a PR. 

Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird And… 

Google has more data than any search engine currently has. It has 67% of the entire data available to be indexed in search results. The algorithms aim at making the search results more personal and responsive. 

Now users have a way to search what they actually want to search. They just do not have to be confined with what they think they might want to search. Regardless to say, Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird are bringing a revolution to the way users search and how search results are indexed in the Google search page result. So, if you want to know how to run a successful blog, website or business, watch out for the updates from Google. 

But One Thing You Can Be Sure Of…

Because of Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, you need to constantly update your blog or website with content that is fresh and unique. And it is only then that Google Spiders will crawl your website, index it and rank it! And over time, with you having continuous fresh content – your website or blog will appear on Google Page 1. And that of course – means more business to you – much much more! 

So, be sure to always update your website or blog with content that is fresh, written in grammatically correct English and has the relevant keywords and images. If you don’t have the time to do this, get in touch with me, I will give you all the fresh content that you need, to grow your business.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

10 ways to drive traffic to your blog are a must for you to know, if you want to build a successful business or have a highly successful blog.

You Have The Best Looking Site

So, you finally managed to hire expensive coders and website designers and what not and you put up the best looking website or blog. It looks so good, it could actually be one of the best websites or blogs in the world.

So what next? Obviously, you want the world to know about your online presence. And obviously, as you have the best looking website or blog in the world, people will come to you. Right, so it’s been a week now and no one has visited your website or blog – except for the few friends or family members you have told. And so, you have managed to get some 5–10 visits a day, in the last week.

So What Happened?

You just built one of the prettiest looking websites in the world. Why aren’t people flocking to see your ‘oh so very beautiful site’? After all, did you not pay all that money to build such a fabulous looking site?

Perhaps you have now started to realize that something has gone drastically wrong? And you begin to think, did you hire the wrong coders? Did the website designers that you hired, build your website in the wrong fashion? Why is it that people are not coming to your beautiful looking website or blog? What went wrong? Whoever told you that having a successful website or blog, means you have to build a site that looks so very pretty?

What in the world gave you that idea?
The truth is, you might have the best looking website in the world, but it does not mean that you will get people to see it.

There are millions and millions of websites and blogs on the world wide web. What makes you think people will even see your site? Fact is, the chances of people seeing your blog or website are very slim, unless you take action and force people to come to see your site.

You Need To Drive Traffic

Yes, traffic is the key to any successful blog or website. Just having a good looking site is not enough. You need people to come to it by the thousands. The more the number of people coming to your site, the more successful it is.

Just imagine you are selling something on your blog or website. If instead of 20 people coming to your blog or site in a day, wouldn’t it be better if 1000 people visited your site every day? This would mean that your chances of selling are better, as the number of people coming to your site is very high. So, how do you bring people to your site? Here are…

10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Yes, to have a successful website or blog, you need to drive lots and lots of traffic to your site. Here are 10 ways in which you can do so: 

1.          Social Media: This is a very good way to get lots of attention to your website.
2.          Infographics: A great way to showcase statistics, data and information.
3.          Fresh Content: Ensure that you keep updating your website with fresh content, regularly.
4.          Let Your Followers Work: Use captivating methods that will get your social media followers to do your work for you.
5.          YouTube: A great way to attract a massive audience to your website.

6.          Podcasting: Yet another innovative way to draw people to your website.
7.          Interviews: Get in touch with people in your niche and interview them.
8.          Facebook Promotion: Be sure to carry out a consistent promotion on Facebook.
9.          Guest Blogging: Approach reputed bloggers and get their permission to write on their blog.
10.      Backlinking: Find websites in your niche and back-link to them.

So, if you want a successful website, don’t go by the looks. Start driving loads of traffic to your site. You now know 10 ways to drive traffic to your blog. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Going Bananas About How To Make Money Online Easily?

Going Bananas about how to make money online easily as a newbie in internet marketing is something that you would definitely be seeking the answer to, if you are really very keen on making money by working online!

Definitely You Would Be Looking For An Easy Way Of Making Money Online

Today, people all over the world, of all ages and all income groups and from all walks of life, are turning to the internet to earn a living. There are many reasons why people want to earn a living online and mainly it is due to the fact that the job situation all over the world is not at all stable.

Though the job situation is bad and people are losing jobs, it does not stop the bills from coming in. But what can you do when you lose your job? Of course, you may try your best to get a new job. But sometimes, that is not enough. In the world that we live in, the old adage – try and try until you succeed, just does not hold any weight at all. In fact, there are times when you will try and try and keep trying and you will get desperate because of your failure and then you will just give up in frustration.

And That Is Why Many People Look For The Answer To How To Make Money Online Easily

Many people today find that they cannot get a job once they lose the one that they had. Then, they try to do all kinds of odd jobs and what not and finally they manage to find their way online and look for a way to make money working online.

These are the people who are new to the world of IM – Internet Marketing. These are the people who one would refer to as a newbie in internet marketing. So, if you are new to the world of IM, you now know what you would be referred to as.

How To Make Money Online Quickly And Easily Is What Any Newbie To The World Of IM Would Be Seeking

And if you are such a person, then you would not find this answer so easily, reason being that there are so many scams that exist online. Thus, you will get totally confused. And if you have spent your money on some Internet Marketing course that promised to make you a fortune online – and that too overnight – then you are sure to be greatly disappointed.

This is because of this simple truth about Internet Marketing – you are not going to make a pile of money overnight. And any course in Internet Marketing that tells you that you will make loads of money instantly or overnight or in a week, is just nothing but nonsense. The person who is selling that course and the course itself, needs to be banned from the internet.

The Truth About How To Make Money Online Easily

The truth is that there is a lot of money that can be made online. In fact, there is so much money that you can make, that you can give up your job and work full time online and earn a very handsome income by working online from the comforts of your own home.

But, it is not going to happen instantly and neither is it going to happen overnight, of this you can be 100% sure. So, if you have a job and you are depending on that job to run your home or yourself, do not give up your job thinking that you can make a lot of money overnight, by working on some kind of a home business.

That Is Not Going To Happen

If you give up your job thinking that you are going to make money, lots of it overnight, it is one of the worst things that you can possibly do – more so if you have a family who is depending on that income that you are taking home from your job. So, do not give up your job thinking that you will get rich overnight from Internet Marketing.

Yes, you can make a lot of money from Internet Marketing, but it is not going to happen overnight. And to make that money, it is going to take you a great deal of time, effort and hard work. And if you think that you do not need any of these traits or qualities to make money online, then you need to think again - Because if you are not hard working, if you are not willing to put in the effort and if you do not have the time, then you will not be able to make money online.

But First, You Have To Learn How To Make Money Online Easily

Yes, Internet Marketing is just like any other business. And just like you would need to know the trade secrets of any other business to succeed at it, in the same way, to succeed in IM, you need to learn the trade secrets, if you want to succeed and make money.

And believe it, there are many things that you need to learn in Internet Marketing if you want to succeed at it. In fact, most people fail to make money in IM as they do not know what has to be done to make that money.