Thursday, May 10, 2018

Search Engine Optimization Is An Art

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Search Engine Optimization is an art, whether you accept this or not, it does not matter. Facts cannot be ignored, no matter how much you may try to ignore them. 

In this article you will learn a few pointers on search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), refers to a practice commonly used worldwide, as a tool for marketing businesses on the internet. 

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization 

Anyone with the basics in SEO stands a better chance of making at least a bit of money by working online from the comforts of their own home or wherever else they choose to work from and make money from the internet – as compared to people who have no idea of SEO – and are struggling in desperation, to understand the big secret of how money can be made from the internet.

The truth is that if you have no knowledge of SEO and you are really very keen on finding easy ways to make money online fast, then you will have no option but to find an expert in Search Engine Optimization, who can do the job of search engine optimization for you, for your blog or website. And, you will be lucky if you can find an SEO expert, who can do the job for you, at an affordable fee. Because only an SEO expert, will know what is Search Engine Optimization and how it works. 

What Is Search Engine Optimization In Digital Marketing?

If you are a beginner to money making opportunities online and you have no idea of SEO and you are confused about “how to pull it off”, here is how. 

First, it is important to know the areas from which you can earn money by working online. These include writing a blog, through a personal website or writing content for third party websites. Alternatively, if you happen to own a website that has a good rating and reputation, you can boost your online earnings by the use of Adsense. Adsense is a Google approved program, allowing adverts to run on your website and you get paid for every advertisement that a visitor clicks on your blog or website. 

Search Engine Optimization And How To Make Money Online Easily 

If you are out to create a website or blog, choose a relevant topic. This involves carrying out exhaustive research based on the current drift, not forgetting how some particular keywords are fairing on search engines. Google Trends will come in handy while searching for keywords that are currently doing well in searches. Of course, there are also quite a few very good tools that will allow you to find some really excellent keywords – but these tools are pretty expensive.

Equally important is the “content make-up” of the website. The content you decide upon, should be keyword rich (NOT keyword stuffed!) and well researched, as explained above. In addition, the keywords have to be placed well within the content.

Search Engine Optimization - On-Site And Off-Site 

With the content in place, it’s time you considered some off-site and on-site aspects that are very important to Search Engine Optimization. To make that blog or website rank on searches and start bringing in that much needed cash, consider on-site aspects of Search Engine Optimization, such as creation of image tags, heading tags, meta tags, having a keyword rich URL, a good site map, Anchor Text Optimization, to name a few.

Lastly, with the on-site aspects of Search Engine Optimization in place, it’s about time you made that website go live by optimizing it off-site. This purely involves submitting the website to the search engines.  Depending on the niche, it is greatly advisable you create backlinks on highly regarded websites. Other important aspects include, social bookmarking, content marketing, allowing reviews and blog comments, promoting your blog or website via social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google + etc). 


This has been a true revelation on search engine optimization and how to make money online easily for those aspiring to make money by working online from home – or wherever else you may choose to do so!


  1. As a business owner, if you want to do SEO of your website then it is essential to gain knowledge about what is going on in this field recently.

    Today's SEO is totally changed as compared with the past. A few years ago SEO was so easy, gaining higher rankings on search engines was dependent on how many backlinks do you have or how many time you have used the keyword.

    Today if you are still doing these kinds of techniques then chances are your website might get penalized by Google.

    So it is necessary to gain the latest knowledge about SEO and then start doing it.

    In my thinking, on-page SEO has a big role in placing any website higher on search engines, especially on Google. So when starting SEO make sure that the content on your website in lengthy and informative. Don't use the same keyword more than one time, instead of doing this use the synonym of your keywords.

    Anyhow to become successful in SEO you need to do accurate on-page SEO and then move on to off-page SEO.

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