Sunday, August 12, 2018

Google Penguin 2.0, Surviving The Aftermath!

All over the world, there are many animals facing extinction today.

Fact is, today, all over the globe, there are around 3,000 endangered species.

Many species such as Elephant Bird, Atlas bear, Bali Tiger, Javan Tiger, Dodo, to name a few, have been driven to extinction.

The worst part is, it is our very own callous attitude that is driving these animals to extinction.

We need to change our ways and protect our wildlife, because protecting our wildlife – means protecting our planet. And protecting our planet, means protecting our own lives!

So what are you doing to protect these animals and prevent them from going extinct?

Google Penguin 2.0, surviving the aftermath, is very important for you to understand if you have plans on finding an easy way of making money online.

Are You Surviving The Aftermath Of Google Penguin 2.0? 

Are you even aware that some time ago, a major change has come about online? Google rolled out what they deem to be their new algorithm. This is the 4th update that has been made by Google with regards to the launch of their now ever so famous Penguin. But as this is just an update of the initial Penguin algorithm, they refer to this change as Penguin 2.0.

If you are a veteran webmaster, then it is a safe bet to assume that you may have been very anxiously been awaiting this update, ever since it was announced that Google would be coming out with an update on Penguin.

So How Is This Going To Affect Your Business Or Blog Or Website? 

Well, in simple words, IF YOU ARE A SPAMMER, you are going to lose out big time, as THIS NEW UPDATE IS GOING TO HIT YOU REAL BAD. This is a whole new set of algorithms that are at work here. The initial version of Penguin would basically just take a look at the home page of a blog or website. But with the new version of Penguin, the impact is going to be much, much bigger!

This new update will affect around 2.3% of US and English queries. But at the same time, it will also affect queries that are non-English in nature. The scope of this new update will vary from language to language and it will affect web spam, that is for sure.

What More Will This Google Penguin 2.0 Update Do?

More specifically, the new Penguin update will be aimed at TARGETING BLACK HAT SPAM. But at the same time, it has been designed to tackle spam on a larger basis, than the first version of Penguin and its subsequent versions.

All popular blogs, Twitter, social networking sites, are all talking of this new update of Penguin and in the ensuing days, many webmasters are going to start making SERP comparisons and find out what kind of spam is being specifically targeted with the new Google Penguin 2.0 update.

So What Are You Going To Do About Your Online Business?

Well, Google has always rewarded websites and blogs that have UNIQUE CONTENT on them, as the saying goes – CONTENT REALLY IS STILL THE KING. I remember the time when I used to take the trouble to UNIQUE articles and people used to just “Copy Paste” them onto their own blogs and website. 

But now with the strict policies of Google, all this has come to a stop and I am sure that more spam will be eliminated now, as a result of the new Penguin update – am very happy about it as it will help me in growing and succeeding with my business. Thank you Google Penguin 2.0 update!

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