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Nokia 7 Plus Phones Sending Data To Chinese Servers?

Are Nokia 7 Plus Phones Sending Data To Chinese Servers? Reijo Aarnio, the Data Protection Ombudsman of Finland reported that he would be making an investigation to determine whether or not Nokia phones had sent information to China and were thus responsible for breaching of data rules. He said that he would investigate if there were breaches that involved "personal information and if there has been a legal justification for this."

HMD Global, a Finnish firm, has the license to manufacture Nokia-branded mobile phones. HMD Global have claimed that no personal data had been shared with China, although they did go to the extent of admitting that one of their handsets did have a data software glitch, but they had fixed that. Nokia receives royalties from HMD, but they have no direct investment in HMD.

There was a time when Nokia had been the dominant cell phone maker in the world. But then, with the coming of smartphones, Nokia was not able to keep up with this changing cell phone scenario and they sold all of their handset activities and gave focus to telecom network equipment. Nokia initially sold their handset business in the year 2014, to Microsoft.

HMD, which was set up by former executives of Nokia, then took over the feature phone business of Nokia, in the year 2016, from Microsoft and they in turn made a deal with Nokia Oyj, thus enabling them to use the brand on smartphones.

On Thursday, NRK, a Norwegian public broadcaster, reported that the Nokia 7 Plus model, which had been manufactured by HMD, was responsible for a breach in data. NRK reported that HMD had "admitted that an unspecified number of Nokia 7 Plus phones had sent data to the Chinese server."

NRK said that it had been made aware of this issue, when a user of a Nokia 7 Plus phone got in touch with them, saying that his phone had frequently connected to a server and sent it packs of data, in an unencrypted format.  NRK stated that HMD refused to say who that server was owned by.

In an email sent to Reuters, HMD Global stated, "We can confirm that no personally identifiable information has been shared with any third party." They added, there had been "An error in software packaging process in a single batch of one device model. Such data was never processed and no person could have been identified based on this data."

Recently, the US government had accused Huawei, a Chinese telecom giant, of being an
espionage risk and this resulted in security flags being raised by Western governments. Huawei, a competitor of Nokia, denied that it posed such a risk. 


Flying Cars Are Here, What Next?

Flying cars are here, what next? In his novel of the late 1960’s, ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’, author Philip K. Dick was the first to talk about flying cars. And of course, this was thought by almost one and all, to be just a dream, a dream that would never come true. But most people who thought so, forgot one very important detail. Sometimes, dreams do come true, no matter how wild they might tend to be.

But dream or not, the concept of flying cars was a big hit and was seen to be written in almost every science fiction story and sci-fi movie, thereafter. But finally, the dream has come true. Flying cars have now become a reality. Pal-V, a Dutch-based firm, has come out with ‘Liberty’, the world’s first flying car. ‘Liberty’ is now available on sale and deliveries of it are scheduled for the end of the year 2019.

‘Liberty’ is very akin to the commutable drone, which makes use of a dual-propulsion drive-train, which has a Rotax engine-base and enables the drone to fly, as well as to drive. According to the manufacturers of ‘Liberty’, Pal-V, ‘Liberty’ has the capacity to reach a maximum speed of 100 mph when on the ground and in the air it can reach 112 mph. This flying car can reach an operating altitude of 11,480 ft. The ‘jump’ from road to air, is not as simple as pushing a button or shifting gears, but it can easily be done within a matter of 10 minutes, so say Pal-V.

‘Liberty’ is available in a first limited edition model that retails at approximately $621,500 (499,000 Euros) – and there are only 90 of these flying cars that are available on sale. After this, there will be available on sale, another flying car model called the ‘Liberty Sport Edition’, which can be purchased at 299,000 Euros. Included in the sale price of the car, are flying lessons.

To fly the ‘Liberty’, one needs to have a pilot’s license. The flying car has been certified to fly, under the rules of European and USA safety agencies. In order to be able to fly the car, access will be needed to a small airstrip, so as to enable the flying car to take off and land.


Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Hacked?

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp hacked simultaneously on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019? When people all over the globe tried to log in to their Facebook accounts, they were unable to do so. Facebook users who tried to log into their Facebook accounts got the following message:

“Facebook Will Be Back Soon. Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few minutes. In the meantime, read more about why you're seeing this message. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site.”

But, it was not the problem with Facebook alone. Instagram, the photo-sharing platform of Facebook, was also down. Instagram users were able to log into Instagram, but they were unable to refresh their ‘feed’.  The ‘feed’ continued to show nothing but old posts. WhatsApp was also down.
Officially, Facebook did not say anything about why Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down. But there can be no doubt about it at all, that Facebook, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp were down, all over the world, as complaints were made online, all over the globe, on this. There were some Facebook users who were able to log into their Facebook accounts, but they could not do even the very basic stuff like post photos or updates.

In less than a 24 hour period, the technological world of 2019, has been witness to two of the largest outages – earlier on, services of Google were down and many users all over the world were not able to use various Google services such as Google Hangouts, Google Drive, etc. But, the outage of Google, was not as large as the ones of Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook, Instagram outage started around noon Eastern Wednesday and in some parts of the world, the outage of Facebook lasted for around 14 hours.

What did Facebook have to say about the outage? Facebook stated that the outage was not because of a DDoS attack, which is a Distributed Denial-of-Service attack, wherein a site gets hacked when a hacker sends a tsunami of fake traffic to the site. A Facebook spokesperson said, "Yesterday, we made a server configuration change that triggered a cascading series of issues. As a result, many people had difficulty accessing our apps and services. We have resolved the issues, and our systems have been recovering over the last few hours. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate everyone's patience."

But is that really what happened? 


Smartphone That Can Fold Into Wristwatch

Smartphone that can fold into wristwatch. Yes, after the launch of its highly successful foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold, Samsung now has eyes on launching a smartphone that can fold into a wrist watch. Yes, you read that right! Sure, it may sound a bit odd. After all, who would even think of ‘wearing’ a smartphone? But what might seem weird now, could very well turn out to be a ‘thing’ in the not so far future.

What is important to note here is that this is not the first time that the world would be hearing of a ‘wearable smartphone’. The first so called ‘wearable smartphone’ has already been showcased in the form of ZTE Nubia Alpha, by ZTE. One of the main features of the ZTE Nubia Alpha is its OLED touch screen display, which is big and curved and makes use of Flex, the flexible display technology that is propriety to Nubia. The ZTE Nubia Alpha has buttons and a microphone on both of its sides, as well as a camera at the front. At the back of the ZTE Nubia Alpha is a heart rate sensor, as well as charging pins. ZTE Nubia Alpha is available in 2 colors - Gold or Black and it also comes with a metal strap.

The wearable smartphone by Samsung, is likely to have a display that is flexible, elongated and thin. The top part of the Samsung wearable smartphone is likely to have a front camera and there is likely to be another camera at the back. The bottom part of the Samsung wearable smartphone has a thick-sized chin. As such, it would seem that the bottom part of this wearable smartphone by Samsung will be non-foldable. Another cool asset of the Samsung wearable smartphone is that it has an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

The wearable smartphone by Samsung can be bent, so that the user can wear it on the wrist. As the design of this wearable smartphone is flexible, the device can bend automatically. So as not to let the wearable smartphone fold, when it is not in use, the side of the Samsung wearable smartphone, is of a slider design. When the wearable smartphone by Samsung will be pushed downwards, it will remain unfolded and at this time it is possible to use it as a full-blown smartphone. Also, as this wearable smartphone has a narrow display shape, users can very easily operate it with one hand. 

The Samsung wearable smartphone has a slider and when this is pushed upwards, the wearable smartphone, when put on the wrist, can curve all by itself. There are also a couple of magnets on both ends of the Samsung wearable smartphone. Because of these two magnets attracting each other, the wearable smartphone does not fall off off the wrist. The patent for this wearable smartphone was filed in the year 2018 by Samsung Electronics, with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). But whether or not the South Korean tech giant Samsung, will actually launch its wearable smartphone, is to be seen.


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