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How Apple Keeps Changing Our World

How Apple keeps changing our world is something that you just cannot ignore, whether you like Apple products, you hate Apple products or whether you would rather live in oblivion and just ignore all the wonderful things that Apple is doing in our world, to make the world and our lives a better place. So, let us take closer look at…

How Apple Keeps Changing Our World

1.          Apple’s Robot Daisy: Now isn’t that a cute name for a robot? For Earth Day 2018, Apple had a program known as Apple Giveback. Through this program, people could thus turn in their devices at or at an Apple store, if they were looking at their devices being recycled or traded in. As part of this recycle effort by Apple, designated to the task of recycling was none other than the robot, Daisy. Daisy is highly capable of disassembling iPhones very efficiently and in this way, recovering very valuable materials contained in these iPhones.  Apple GiveBack and Daisy are significant of the continuous commitment by Apple, to continuously innovate, in order to create a healthier planet for us all.

2.          100% Clean Energy: Apple is continuously striving to create an environment that is healthy, for all people on Earth. As part of this continued effort, Apple now has global facilities, that have been powered by energy that is 100% clean. This fabulous achievement can be seen in various places of Apple such as offices, retail stores, data centers and Apple facilities located in 43 countries, including UK, China, USA and India. 

3.          iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition: On April 9th, 2018, Apple announced the introduction of its new products - iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition. This is an absolutely new generation of iPhone, that has a superb red finish. But the best part of this new product launch by Apple, is that a part of the proceeds for all these iPhones, will go to Global Fund HIV/AIDS grants. Apple has to-date, donated above of $160 million, to this fund. 

4.          Inspiring Students To Succeed: On March 27th, 2018, a new 9.7-inch iPad was announced by Apple. This was launched with the purpose of bringing out the creativity in students and inspiring students to succeed. Everyone Can Create, was the name of this initiative launched by Apple, to enable students and teachers to input into their existing lessons on just about any subject – filmmaking, drawing, photography and music – in a fun and easy way. 

But Of Course…
These are just some of the things that Apple is doing. You can find out more of all the wonderful things that Apple is continuously striving to do, to make our world a better place to live in, at:
And you will know more on how Apple keeps…
Changing our world, for the better, for all time.


10 Things You Need To Know About IP Address

10 things you need to know about IP address, some of which will shock you and you can read about this right here! Things like… can someone find your IP address when you use Facebook, what does IP address stand for, what does an IP address tell you, types of IP address, all of this information and so much more, you will find, so read on.

All You Need To Know About IP Address

You might be finding things about IP addresses very confusing and you might be interested in knowing all that there is to know about IP addresses. So, for all the most interesting information you need on IP addresses, read on…

1.          What Does IP Address Stand For?: The part IP in IP Address, means Internet Protocol. In IP Address, the Address part, means a unique number that has been assigned to anyone who uses a device to connect to the internet, like a PC.

2.          What Does An IP Address Tell You?: The IP address is the location of your computer, when your computer is connected to the internet. It is similar to your house address, only this is the house address of your computer, when you are connected to the internet.
3.          What Does My IP Address Reveal About Me?: Think of this as a car licence plate. If someone has your car licence plate number, that person can find who you are, where you stay and in that way, that person can find lots of information about you. In this way, if someone has your IP address, that person can find lots of information about you.
4.          Can IP Address Be Traced?: This is extremely hard to do, if not impossible. Probably, the only people who would be able to do this, are hackers. Most IP addresses are dynamic and they have been assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). As such, it is extremely hard, almost impossible, for an ordinary person, without hacking skills, to be able to trace the location of your computer, even if that person did manage to get your IP address. But, even getting your IP address is tough for any random person, unless that person is a hacker.

5.          How To Find IP Address From Facebook Profile: By using the Facebook messenger/chat application, it is possible for someone to trace your location, so you need to be very careful, with who you use the Facebook messenger/chat application. If you are chatting with someone unknown, that person could be able to locate your home address and if the person is a psycho or a fraud or a criminal, you could be in danger – and so could the people living with you. Anyone can track your IP address on Facebook, by using the netstat function and the utility tool (for Mac users) and the command prompt tool (for Windows users).
6.          Can Someone Trace Your IP Address From Instagram?: If you are using an insecure network or you are using public wifi, then YES, it is possible for someone to quite easily trace your IP address on Instagram.
7.          Examples Of IP Address: IP addresses are 32-bit binary strings. An example of an IP address is
8.          Classes Of IP Addresses: There are 5 classes of IP addresses. Class A, B, C, D and E.

9.          Two Main Types Of IP Addresses: There are 2 main types of IP addresses. These are static IP addresses and dynamic IP addresses. Static IP addresses are those IP addresses that never change once they have been assigned to a network or a device like a PC. Though static IP addresses are cost effective, they pose a security threat. Dynamic IP addresses change all the time. For example, when you use your PC, you have an IP address. But when you switch off your PC and restart it, your IP address changes. It is very hard to trace such an IP address and that is why static IP addresses are used by businesses.
10.      How To Hide Your IP Address For Free: As you can see, it is not so hard for people with the right ‘skills’, to be able to find your IP address and know more about you. So, in order to protect yourself, it is best that you stay anonymous online and hide your identity and all that you are doing online. To do this, all you have to do is change your IP address continuously, in this way, you will be hiding your real IP address. The good news is that you can easily keep changing your IP address and you can do so – every minute. There are many tools available online for you to do this, just run a search on Google as follows: how to hide your IP address for free or hide my IP address free online or hide IP address free. In this way you will be able to hide your IP address and not worry about someone being able to trace your identity and stalk you or come to your home and attack you or someone you love. 

There You Have It…
10 things you need to know about IP address. These are sure to help you understand the gravity of IP addresses and what harm they can do you and how you can save yourself and the ones you love, from being harmed, as a result of something so innocent as an IP address.


How To Stop A DDoS Attack In 2018

How to stop a DDoS attack in 2018 is something that you must know, unless of course, you suddenly want to be the victim of a cyber attack. What is DDoS protection is imperative to know today, unless you want to abruptly discover one day that your website is offline and your customers are not able to find you on the internet. This is why, it is extremely important for you to know what must be done to stop DDoS attacks. 

Who Isn’t Aware Of Cyber Attacks?

The truth is, any computer or network of computers, is susceptible to a cyber attack, at any given point in time, unless the necessary precautions have been taken, to thwart these attacks. And this is just the reason why it is imperative that you know how to stop a DDoS attack in 2018.

One type of cyber attack is that of DDoS attacks.But, the harsh reality is that it is extremely difficult, to detect DDoS attacks. You might feel that you have a very big site and so your site cannot be affected by DDoS attacks. But this is not true, the reality is that any site, big or small, is always susceptible to DDoS attacks. 
What are DDoS attacks?

Wondering what is the DDoS full form? It means Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Thus DDoS attacks are attacks made by people or companies or a group of people, having malicious intent towards someone or some company or a group of people. You are vulnerable to DDoS attacks anytime, no matter how big your site may be. That is why it is very important that you know what must be done to stop DDoS attacks.

What happens in a DDoS attack? Whatever the online service is, it gets shut down. This happens because in a DDoS attack, the online service gets overloaded by extremely large volumes of traffic. This traffic is directed to the website, from various sources, during a DDoS attack. DDoS attacks can be targeted to any blog or small website or they can even target any blog. As a result of DDoS attacks, the website or blog that is under attack, foes off line. This means a severe loss to the business, for the owners of that website or blog. Thus, any website owner or blog owner, must always know how to stop a DDoS  attack. 

Increase In The Number Of DDoS Attacks

Today, there is an increase in the number of DDoS attacks, all over the world. That is why, whether you are the owner of a big company website or you are a small business owner with your own website or blog,
It is very critical that you know how to stop a DDoS  attack.

The harsh and bitter reality is that these increasing DDoS attacks pose a massive threat to both big and small business owners and their online presence is totally threatened and they risk losing loads of business, as a result of such DDoS attacks. This is why, it is very important for you to know how to stop a DDoS attack in 2018.

Tips On How To Stop A DDoS Attack?

What must be done to stop DDoS attacks? Here are some very important tips that will help you:
1.          Get a DDoS Specialist.
2.          Have lots of extra bandwidth.
3.          Identify a DDoS attack immediately.
4.          Immediately call up your ISP or your web hoisting company and tell them that you are under a DDoS attack.

Do Not Take DDoS Attacks Lightly

Many big website owners and owners of small websites and blogs, tend to take what must be done to stop DDoS attacks, very lightly. And when they least expect it, they are hit by DDoS attacks. And this is just what these hackers who start these DDoS attacks, are waiting for. That is why it is critical for you to know how to stop a DDoS attack in 2018.



Latest Technology And Processes Used In 

Manufacturing Of Electroplating Chemical

Latest technology and processes used in manufacturing of electroplating chemical would be useful for you to know if you want to buy electroplating chemicals and you are seeking electroplating chemicals companies in India or industrial chemicals manufacturers in India.

Looking For Electroplating Chemicals Companies In India?

If you are on the lookout for industrial chemicals manufacturers in India, as you want to buy electroplating chemicals, you will find all the information you need right here.

As you must know, there are quite a few chemical, mechanical and electrical plating techniques that are in use today. Albeit, there are two primary processes and these are:
1.           Electroplating.
2.           Electroless plating. 

The Reality Of Electroplating

Electroplating, anywhere in the globe and also with electroplating chemicals companies in India, is not a simple process by any standards. Fact is, it is an extremely complex process. At the cathode and the anode, there are various types of additional reactions that take place and this in part results in the process of electroplating being a very complex one.

In the process of electroplating, one extremely important feature that always has to be maintained very rigidly, is the specifications of the current used. Another very complicated aspect about electroplating, is the solution chemistry.  

So Just What Is Electroplating?

Keeping it in simple terms, there would be an electroplating bath. This would consist of a cathode (negative charge), as well as an anode (positive charge) – each of these are immersed in a solution.

Consider this, we have a cathode that consists of a copper part. And we also have an anode, which is made up of nickel. Then we apply a current. As the current is applied, positively charged ions (which are in reality, tiny bits of metal), from the anode, will this start to flow through the solution and they get to the cathode and then they will attach themselves to that part. In this process, what is thus produced on that part, is a layer of nickel.

So What Then Is Electroless Plating?

The results of electroplating and electroless plating in industrial chemicals manufacturers in India, are very akin to each other. This is so, because in both cases, we will see that the result will be that of a metallic layer that will be deposited onto the part surface.

But the primary difference between electroplating and electroless plating is that in electroless plating, a chemical deposition process is used, to get the desired result. But in the case of electroplating, an external electrical current is employed, to obtain the required result.

In the process of electroless plating, the most common plating material deposited is nickel. Also, unlike in electroplating, electroless plating will result in a much more even plate layer, even though the geometries may be rather complex. 

Types Of Plating Baths Used

In the plating baths that are used in electroplating chemicals companies in India, the chemical formulations that are involved, are numerous. These baths range from alkaline, to acid, to neutral.

But, there is one commonality that is a must for these baths. And that is that all these baths must have the capability to maintain the correct amount of material that will be deposited in the solution.

Pulse Electrodeposition Or Pulse Electroplating  

This is a very simple modification technique that is employed by some industrial chemicals manufacturers in India, in the process of electroplating.

Do You Want To Buy Electroplating Chemicals?

If you do, then you must surely be seeking electroplating chemicals companies in India. Well, now you know all about the latest technology and processes used in manufacturing of electroplating chemical in the globe and with industrial chemicals manufacturers in India.

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