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 What Do Women Want Most In Life?

Have you ever given thought to what do women want most in life? The truth is, even the most famous psychologist in the world Sigmund Freud, once asked this same question, what do women want most in life? But sadly, even he was not able to find the answer to this.
So What Do Women Want In Life?
Well, it would seem like the truth is now out about what women want most in life. Studies have now revealed that the female body likes everything in life. Or at least, studies have shown that the female body ‘responds’ to everything.

But what does a woman really want or really like? Well, the truth is, there can be no definite answer to this. Just because one woman would like gold and diamonds, it does not mean that the other woman would also like the same.
Red Roses And Wine Would Do Fine Too
Not all women have rich tastes in life. In fact, there are many women who absolutely detest riches and fancy goods. They would rather settle for just a red rose or a bouquet of flowers. Even a nice candlelight dinner and perhaps a glass of red wine would also do, for certain women.

As such, it is very hard to determine what women like. You can say that one woman’s wine is another woman’s poison. So, do not judge by what one woman wants and think that if one woman likes something, another woman is going to like the same thing.
Social Status Plays A Major Role
The social status of the woman is very influential in determining what she likes and what she wants. For instance, obviously a woman of high social status, would love gold and diamonds and all kinds of fancy stuff. But, one cannot say that all women of high social status would love just these same things.

In just the same way, a woman from a middle class family, would also love to have gold, diamonds and all kinds of rich and fancy things. But it does not mean that one can categorize and say that all women from middle class families would love only such rich and fancy stuff.
 It All Boils Down To The Woman
There are so many factors that would go into influencing what women want in life and what they like and do not like. Women may want the best out of life, but when times are tough, women are capable of making the greatest sacrifices in life. As such, depending upon the situation in life that the woman is currently undergoing, her wants, needs and desires may change.

So, it is almost impossible to predict what any woman could want in life. At one given moment, a woman may like one particular thing. But the next time, that could change and she may detest the very thing that she once craved for. What do women want most in life, this was an answer that eluded even the great Sigmund Freud.

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