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Sunday, August 4, 2019

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Are you aware that at this very moment, there are so many animals and plants facing extinction, such as jaguars, rhinos, Texas Wild Rice, leopards, Wiggin's Acalypha, elephants, tigers, Rafflesia Flower, pangolins, Stenogyne Kanehoana and cheetahs. If these animals and plants go extinct, our planet would someday die as they all play a big role in the ecosystem and the survival of our planet. So, what are you doing to save these plants and animals? What are you doing to save our world?

How to get traffic to your website fast is something that most people who have websites and blogs, have no idea at all. Getting traffic is the key to online business success, so you better make sure that you master all the tricks of getting traffic to your blog or website.

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast By Use Of Social Media

This is the latest tool that is being used by all businesses and internet marketers – both big and small, to get instant website traffic. Recent years have been witness to a big explosion of social media. People and businesses have discovered that they have the golden opportunity to connect with millions of people and businesses, by using this social media platform.

As such, more and more people and businesses are now making it a point to ensure that they have integrated social media into their blogs and websites. These social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin – are all integrated into websites and blogs by the aid of special plugins.

Forums Get Traffic To Your Website Free

Forums are very good to market your business online for a number of reasons.

• One, you get to make friends with people and they can help you in growing your business.
• Two, you get to learn all kinds of information when you join forums.
• Three, as the number of posts that you have in the forum keeps rising, people begin to see that you are a senior member there and they start to respect you.
• Four, you can brand yourself and make yourself seen as a leader in forums by answering questions and writing good articles.
• Five, you can put your signature in the forum and when someone clicks it, you get a hit on your website or blog.
So, just join around 5 forums that are relevant to the category of the website or blog that you have and keep posting in these forums on a regular basis.

Free Website Traffic Generator With Link Exchanges And Content Ideas

A great way of getting traffic to your blog or website is by getting websites that are similar to yours, to link to you. In this way you would be getting backlinks to your site. And backlinks are very important from the point of SEO. The more backlinks you have, the better your site has the chance of ranking higher in search engines.

Content Ideas For How To Increase Website Traffic Through Google

There is no fixed rule for this. You can get content ideas even by looking into thin air. It all depends on how creative you are. But the point here is that, if you want people to read your blog post or the content on your website, then you need to get good ideas for headlines and topics.

This is not at all as tough as it may seem. Just do some research online and you will get many ideas. Then just take an idea and twist it around a bit, write in your own words, get a picture that does not violate any copyright laws – and there you have it – great content for your blog or website!

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

It is a said that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business - and very rightly so. Traffic means visitors coming to your blog or website – without these visitors, it would be meaningless to have an online business. After all, if you have visitors coming to your online business, only then can you actually expect to make any sales. If you have no traffic, you simply aren’t going to make any sales. It is as simple as that.

But the worst part is, getting traffic to an online business – is the TOUGHEST part about any online business. So, to get this traffic, you would have to employ various techniques. And one of these techniques includes making use of…

Traffic Exchange Sites And How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

These are websites from which you can get thousands of visitors to your blog or website – and that too, on a regular basis.  All you have to do is join traffic exchanges – and you can do this for free or you can upgrade and as an upgraded member, you could get more hits to your blog or websites.

When you join a traffic exchange, you get the option of adding your blog or website to the “rotator” in this traffic exchange. Then, you have to start surfing the various websites on that traffic exchange. The more the number of sites you surf on the exchange, the more the number of hits you will get to the blog or website that you have added in the “rotator” at that traffic exchange.

If you do not have the time to surf or you do not like to surf, you can pay the traffic exchange and they will give your website or blog, the amount of hits that you require on a daily basis. In this way when you make use of traffic exchanges, you are guaranteed hits to your blog or website.

Getting The Most Out Of Traffic Exchange Sites

When you join a traffic exchange, instead of putting your blog or website in the rotator at the traffic exchange, it makes more sense for you to create a Splash Page. A Splash Page is where you create a separate page on your blog or website, with a very attractive offer of a particular product or service that you want to promote. You then put this page into the rotator at the traffic exchange.

Depending on how good your Splash Page looks and what the offer is on it, people are going to want to click on it and find out more about the offer. You could make the Splash Page in such a way that when people click on it, they are directed to the sales page of that offer or to the page on your website on which the offer is. In this way, by using a Splash Page instead of using a page of your blog or website, you would be increasing your chances of people being interested in your offer.

It Is Not Hard To Succeed Online

All you need are great products to sell and you need to ensure that you constantly get traffic to your website or blog. So there you go, you know the secrets of how to get traffic to your website fast.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Are You Aware Of Google SEO Updates 2018?

Are you aware that the list of endangered species on this planet grows with each passing day/night? But who cares right? We only care about ourselves and our own selfish lives right? Why would we care about animals, fish, birds and the like?? Yes?? Of course yes, the human race is only selfish and cruel and that is why more and more creatures of this planet are now facing extinction. And so this list grows with each passing day/night. Fact is, it is believed that as high as 20% of all the current creatures on this planet, could be extinct by the year 2028. These are some of the most endangered species on the planet today: whooping crane, hawks-bill turtle, giant panda, snow leopard, Siberian tiger, Asian elephant, sea otter, Sumatran orangutan, mountain gorilla, giant panda, fin whale, Bonobo ape, Amur leopard, black rhino, blue whale, to name a few. You can do your bit to save these animals from extinction – every little bit counts. Start acting today!

Google SEO Updates 2018 are imperative for you to understand as the internet giant Google, is bringing about a revolution in the world of searching with Google SEO Updates 2018

The Latest Info On Google SEO Updates 2018

Google is aiming at long term strategic changes by launching changes dynamically over time. These updates lead bloggers, website owners and web marketers, to head towards a more strategically aimed approach, while turning their faces away from the tactical SEO techniques at the same time. 

Although tactical SEO lives forever, still these Google SEO 2018 updates are bringing changes in the generic behavior of social media marketers. Here I am going to discuss some of the major changes that Google has brought out in recent times to refine its SEO strategy, especially SEO in 2018

More On Google SEO Updates 2018

The first Google SEO Updates 2018, was that it ‘secured all organic searches’ through protocols. This was a huge change, as it rendered publishers unable to receive keyword data from incoming search results by users from Google. The repercussions of this update were that website owners won’t be able to get keyword data anymore. 

All searches are now encrypted. Data transmission occurs only through secure HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol. So now, the easiness involved in using keyword data was forever gone and this was A BIG SETBACK TO MANY SOCIAL MARKETERS.

All You Need To Know About Google 2018 SEO Updates 

During the course of Google SEO 2018 updates, the Google ‘Page Rank Tool’ in the Google page rank toolbar, ceased to be updated anymore. Before it was updated, around once every three months. No updates now. 

So that corresponds that having a higher or lower PR value in this toolbar, won’t matter that much now. It is very likely now that Google is eradicating this add on from its toolbar altogether. They even say that they don’t use Page Rank themselves.

But There’s Still More To Google SEO 2018 Updates 

With the launch of the ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm of Google SEO, the way an average user searches on the internet got a total upheaval. Now Google can bring you results for your conversational queries as well. It has started processing natural language, thereby inducing artificial intelligence (AI), in the field of Google searches.

It means that now a search won’t be made for specific keywords only. Rather it will be a semantic search indexing of the results. So to achieve a level of SEO for your website or blog, you have to use FRESH AND UNIQUE CONTENT. And it is really going to take loads of effort from you to do this… especially if you have no idea of how to write and the proper usage of keywords. If you suck at this, you can be sure that Google Spiders will not even crawl your website. And if they do not do that, your website or blog will not be seen by people. And that means, NO BUSINESS FOR YOU!

Google SEO Updates 2018

The next update I will discuss about is not as new as you might want to perceive it. It’s ‘Google Plus’. BUT, the change is in the way it is impacting search results. It took a slow start, but it is a rising star in our Google SEO 2018 scenarios today. 

You might have observed that now Google lets personalized pages from Google Plus to be listed in search results. Seeing the momentum it is holding, we can conclude that it will be the face of building identities and semantic relevance, in times to come. 

The Next Feature I Am Going To State Isn’t A Newbie Either

It’s ‘Authorship’ that was released. I am discussing it here because of its relevance and the part it is supposedly playing in the SEO 2018 world today. In its most fundamental sense, ‘Authorship’ is used to associate the content with its original writer. This tool determines the appositeness of the response generated on some specific content whose data is collected over time. 

This relevance is then used to designate an ‘Author Rank’ to the content moderator. This term however, though not technically used by Google, actually still has a strong influence on providing ranking signals to more generic content. This leads us to the importance of personal authority. 

Very Important Google SEO 2018 Updates 

The last one I will be discussing is ‘In-Depth Articles’. According to Google usage statistics, about one tenth of the searches are made targeting a broader sense of some topic. To make it easier for users in its Google 2018 SEO Updates, it has focused on providing high quality content in the search results. This modification lets user explore more, so that we can delve into the topics. 

Content moderators have to probe more specifically now, to provide quality metadata to webmasters, for Google to use it and list their content as in-depth articles. Now Author Rank and Publisher Rank are supposed to pay off actually, considering the fact that Google somehow maintains some ranking algorithm to mark your website or blog, as high or low rank.

Understood About Google 2018 SEO Updates?

The above mentioned Google SEO 2018 Updates are just small pieces of a bigger puzzle, but you MUST FULLY UNDERSTAND ALL THESE Google 2018 SEO Updates, if you want to succeed and grow your business. Google 2018 SEO Updates are going to revolutionize the generalized way of doing search engine optimization, using keywords and all. Google is working towards letting people search what they want to, more specifically. It is driving people to use searching techniques more strategically, rather than the deliberate use of it.

This Means, Serving The Right Content To The Right Audience!

So, we can say that these Google SEO 2018 Updates, launched by the biggest internet entity, are a way to enhance the user searching experience, by letting him or her be less specific and receiving more outcomes for his/her queries. Now you know all that there is to know about Google SEO Updates 2018 – and how you can benefit from them!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Getting On Page 1 Of Google Search Results

 What are you doing to protect our wildlife? Nothing? Isn’t that too bad? Do you feel that you cannot do anything to protect our wildlife from going extinct? Are you aware if you do not protect our wildlife, you yourself and the entire human life could face extinction? So start doing your bit today, prevent our wildlife from going extinct!

Getting on Page 1 of Google search results and how to make money online easily, go hand in hand. How Google gives search results to users has changed since the new system termed as “Hummingbird” has been introduced. Day after day, thousands of people from all corners of the globe come online, desperately seeking ways to make a living by working from the internet. But, just as is the case with any trade, before getting into the trade, you need to learn the tricks of the trade. The same holds true for making money from home by working online. So, what do you need to know about making money from the internet? One thing is for sure...

You Need To Rank High On Google Search Results

With Google’s new rule of identifying search results, the basis is no longer the specific keywords typed, but it gives results semantically. In other words, the search engine determines the search results, based on how it interprets the meaning of the user’s query and not mainly on the precise words entered.

This algorithm has been a topic of discussion for a long time. However, it was not realized previously, because natural language processing capabilities cannot deal with it. This was made possible only through Google Voice and Android.

Dealing With Changes With Google Search Results   
Google can now make interpretations on the searches of the users, even without users entering specific keywords or phrasing perfectly. This thing is more advantageous, especially since most searches are done by typing the keywords, knowing that asking through typing is better than voice. Voice searches usually are ‘wordy’ and may not be understood clearly.

There was a time when it was quite easy to get a website to the first page of Google, but this is no longer the case. Now, you would need a Ph.D for that – or you would have to be working with Google – as one of their top honchos – the guy who tweaks their algorithm – OR at least be friends with the guy who does that job for Google. 

Understanding Google Search Results

Aside from this advanced development, Google also has made improvements on its “Knowledge Graph”. With this, Google itself has the potential to give responses and provide information. This only proves that Google today is becoming extremely powerful as a content provider, aside from its traffic cop function for web content.

Google also has made its interesting announcement about making searches unknown. Thus, website owners will no longer be given information on the words used by the researcher that leads him/her to the website. This is believed to be a method in order to avoid cases of paid search traffic on one’s Google Adwords account, exportation of past keyword data and also being seen at Bing searches.

So, What Of Google Search Results?

The above mentioned changes made by Google, indicate the end of the “keyword” period, but welcome a semantic way of giving search results. For several years in the service, Google has emphasized its aim, which is to make search and people’s behavior, be the same. It further holds that the kind of content people like, will also be liked by Google.

Google poses a challenge to content marketers. They have to decide on the content to produce, not merely focusing on keywords and data reports. When content marketers produce relevant content, respond well on people’s concerns and be a good source of information which people will really value, Google will pay them back.

The Latest Update On Google Search Results

Today, there is no more room for search-referred traffic, as assured by Google. Finally, Google encourages content writers to produce content that will be of great importance for people.

As I said, it is just like with any other trade. There are no magic buttons to push to earn money – not offline – not online. If you want to make money, you have to learn how to make it. This is the case offline – as well as online. And if you are hell bent on making money online, then one thing you can be sure of... get your website or blog to rank on Page 1 of Google Search Results.