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Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Criticality Of The Google March 2019 Core Update

Are you aware that so many plant and animal species on the planet are facing extinction? In 2018, three species of birds vanished from the face of the earth - forever! In 2017, a bat and multiple lizard species went out of existence. In the past 75 years, around 80% of the Sumatran Orangutan have died. Mountain Gorillas and Cross River Gorillas have both been listed as endangered species. Do you know that there are less than 70 Amur Leopards in existence today? Greater than 90% of the Hawksbill Turtle species has been slaughtered in the past 10 decades. So, what are you doing to save our planet? What are you doing to save our animal and plant species from fading into oblivion? 

The Google March 2019 Core Update and how to make money online easily are both related to each other, so if you want to easily make money online, better be sure that you have mastered them.

Google March 2019 Core Update?  

Seems like a weird concoction to make money working online, but weird or not, it is the truth. If you want to go about making money online easily, these are the things that you now need to master…

·         Why the new SEO is now Content Marketing

·         Why the love affair of Google with content marketing is more than quite likely to usurp SEO

·         Why your online marketing strategy should now be led by SEO Content

All of the above are top searches that are being done online by people who have websites or blogs and want their blogs or websites to rank on the 1st page of Google. This is all as a result of the Google March 2019 Core Update.

SEO Content Marketing

The truth is, when you have SEO content, you do not need anything else to have a successful blog or website. All you have to do is just make sure that you have unique content and your blog or website will have found virtual nirvana – with Google falling in love with it.

The great news is that the old SEO where you had to do all kinds of things to get your blog or website on the first page of Google are dead and buried. You now have the new SEO from Google and it is absolutely awesome!

Does It Sound Just Too Good To Be True?

Well whatever it may sound like, it is the truth! It is true that there is nothing at all that is new about Content Marketing or writing unique content or writing SEO content. In fact, Content marketing and writing unique content have been around since ages. And Google has referred to this kind of content as SEO content.

But with the new Google March 2019 Core Update, not understanding the importance of unique article writing for your blog or website, would definitely hit your website or blog real bad. In fact it could hit you so badly, that before you even know it, your blog or website might have suddenly fallen right out of its ranking spot.

And Have No Doubt About It

If you want to know how to make money online easily then it is very important that you pay close attention to your ranking on Google. Sure, there will be many people who will tell you that it does not matter what your ranking is on Google – but these are the same people, who behind your back, are trying their best to get on the 1st page of Google.

The truth about rankings is that no matter what people say about them not mattering, it does. Just look at it like this… if you have a blog or website on the first page of Google - and all of a sudden it drops off and you cannot find it on any page. Now if anyone told you that such a thing would not matter, you can think either of these things about these people…

·         They are telling you lies.
·         They want to benefit from you in some way by telling you that rankings do not matter.
·         They are stupid!!
·         They know nothing about SEO!!!
·         They are new to the world of Internet Marketing, etc.

Rankings Definitely Do Matter

If you want to have a successful blog or website, the right steps to make money online lies in your understanding these facts very clearly:

·         SEO is very important – in fact, you cannot do without it.
·         Rankings matter - goes without saying!
·         Content Marketing is the real SEO now with the new Google March 2019 Core Update.

The truth is that, as the saying goes - Content is King. And the bigger truth is that - Content has, it is and is always going to be the King. Or at least - Content is always going to be King till the time that search engines will make use of content and algorithms. That means, it is going to be a long long time more – during which Content is Always going to be King! Because it is hardly likely that search engines are all of a sudden going to stop using content and algorithms to rank blogs and websites. For that to happen, if it ever does happen, it is going to take many years – IF at all such a thing does happen. So, if you are serious about getting your blog or website on the first page of Google, make sure that you give top priority to Content.

What Is "Content Marketing"?

Let me try to keep this definition as simple as possible, so here goes – Going by the latest Google March 2019 Core Update, Content Marketing is the best technique that can be used to drive traffic to your blog or website, to create visibility for yourself online, to generate leads and to create brand identity and brand awareness.

So, if you are serious about how to make money online easily, make sure you master the Google March 2019 Core Update.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Steps To Profitable Keyword Research

Steps to profitable keyword research… one of the most difficult content marketing tasks you will come across through your Internet Marketing career, would be doing appropriate keyword research. Research is a dynamic process which does not seem to end, even after doing a heavy course on the subject. This depicts that conducting research is a never-ending, consistent process, lasting until forever. 

Dilemmas Associated With Keyword Research 

Conducting keyword research is a grueling task which takes up lots of time and effort. Even the tools available for it are all confusing and oppose our intuition. While searching, we often lose track of what we are searching for and where it can be searched. The obvious reason for this misery of ours, is the lack of a proper system on which we can rely, to follow a proper methodology, to lead to effective results. 

But as every problem has its solution, you would be glad to know this one is not an exception. I have analyzed the problems very closely and the good news is that I came up with a solution which does not involve you wanting to pull your hair out or smash your system. 

Profitable Keyword Research Secrets Revealed

Your situation as an Internet Marketer is no doubt very tough. And one of the primary reasons for this is that you can’t figure out which data is relevant enough, as everything seems to be so important for, that you find it hard to ignore any of it and end up getting overwhelmed and frustrated… totally! I’ll move forward with the intention of teaching you the following tricks.
  • Maintain focus while researching.
  • Avoid strangling yourself with irrelevant stuff.
  • Save your precious time and energy by taking shortcuts.
Stay Focused On The Bull’s Eye 

While conducting research, try to recognize the content that should be most relevant to your target audience. Then try to familiarize yourself with the exact phrases people use while searching for info. 

Follow the below mentioned steps to build yourself an effective system for conducting keyword research and clear your work from procrastinations. 

Know Your Audience: Identify Probable Keywords To Start

First of all, gain a sense for the kind of keywords and phrases you want to target or the kind you have been trying to rank high. Always keep in mind the worth of keywords as they are not only important for Search Engine Optimization, but also design a strategy for your entire product development. Therefore it is very valuable, actually kind of vital, to know your audience and the phrases and sentences they are expected to use, when expressing their desires in searching for something from your niche.

The takeaway here is to start by building a list of as few words as four to five, to start your keyword research. Acquire knowledge through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., to know what your potential listeners are using to describe their desires. 

Analyze Popularity And Competition For Your Keywords - Individually

Now you need to score each of your keywords on the grounds of popularity and competition, using some research tool like Google Keyword Adwords Tool. Generate a score for the times people search on your collected terms, as compared to other search phrases.  Try to target enormously searched keywords, which make it highly likely that your topic is in great demand and people indulge in that information.

After the comparison, judge the competition you are facing on your keywords, individually. Set up an estimate of the number of websites dedicated to content targeted by your keyword. If there are very many people competing to rank for one particular word, it would be really tough for you to rank your page high, even with a quality keyword.  

The Bottom Line About Profitable Keyword Research 

Is that… a perfect keyword is the one which has high popularity - but very less magnitude of competition - simultaneously. You can use Google Webmaster’s keyword research tools to set up estimations of using keywords wisely. 

If your keywords are facing loads of competition, then switch to alternatives. Dig in for keywords suggested to you by research tools which are generated by semantic search principals and carve out some better keywords, which have lesser competition. Carefully choose new keywords by judging them on the same scale of the same parameters of comparison and competition. There you are, now you know the Steps To Profitable Keyword Research.